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Fabric Shrink/Expand

This article gives brief overview of how to add or remove switches within the fabric using Hedgehog Fabric API and manage connections between them.

Manipulating API objects done with assumption that target devices are correctly cabeled and connected.

This article operates terms that can be found in Hedgehog Concepts, User Guide documentation and Fabric API reference.

Add switch to the existing fabric

For every switch to be added into the Hedgehog fabric it should have a corresponding Switch object. Example can be found in User Guilde.

If theSwitch will be used in ESLAG or MCLAG groups, appropriate groups should exist. Redundancy groups should be specified in the Switch object before creation.

After the Switch object is created, dedicated device Connections can be defined and created. Based on the Switch role given to the device types of connections may be different. Please refer to Connections section.

If switch is facing control node connection on the front-panel port, such switch port should be described in Management connection

Switch device should be booted in ONIE or HONIE Installation mode to install SONiC OS and configure Fabric agent

Remove switch from the existing fabric

If the switch has to be decommissioned or removed there are several preparation steps before disabling it from the Fabric.

[!WARNING] Currently the Wiring diagram used for initial deployment is saved in /var/lib/rancher/k3s/server/manifests/hh-wiring.yaml on the Control node. Fabric will sustain objects within the original wiring diagram. In order to remove any of the object that is described in this chapter, dedicated API object should be first removed from this file. It's recommended to reapply hh-wiring.yaml after changing it's internals.

  • If the Switch is a Leaf switch (including Mixed and Border leaf configuration) all VPCAttachments bound to all switches Connections must be removed first. If the Switch was used for ExternalPeering all ExternalAttachment object that are bound to Connections of the Switch must be removed.
  • All connections of the Switch must be removed.
  • Switch and Agent object can be removed.

Last update: February 8, 2024
Created: February 6, 2024