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Fabric Configuration

  • --fabric-mode <mode-name (collapsed-core or spine-leaf) - Fabric mode to use, default is spine-leaf; in case of collapsed-core mode, there will be no VXLAN configured and only 2 switches will be used
  • --ntp-servers <servers>- Comma-separated list of NTP servers to use, default is,,,,, it'll be used for both control nodes and switches
  • --dhcpd <mode-name> (isc or hedgehog) - DHCP server to use, default is isc; hedgehog DHCP server enables use of on-demand DHCP for multiple IPv4/VLAN namespaces and overlapping IP ranges as well as adds DHCP leases into the Fabric API

You can find more information about using hhfab init in the help message by running it with --help flag.

Last update: February 8, 2024
Created: January 22, 2024